This is an agreement for the hire of sports facilities between 5s Football (the Organisers) and the Team participating (Teams). We do not accept bookers on any other terms. These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

1. Participation Terms

1.1 When a Team joins a 5s Football league, a contract is formed between the Team and the league Organisers. Teams and all participants agree to abide by the League Rules and Playing Rules which will be provided to the Team captain at the point of sign up and available upon request.

1.2 When a football season has finished a new season will begin the following week and unless the organisers are notified correctly by the Team captain, Teams will automatically be entered.

1.3 Teams and participants can be refused entry to any league or competition by the Organisers without giving any reason. Teams and participants can be excluded by the Organisers for breaching any of the terms and conditions or of the player rules.

2. Team Deposit

2.1 All Teams will be asked to pay a refundable deposit in advance of their first fixture in order to confirm attendance.

2.2 The organisers may deduct fees owed from the Team deposit for a number of reasons as detailed below.

2.3 In order to avoid having fees deducted from the Team deposit, the Team must ensure that all fees have been paid correctly and the Leaving Procedure as defined below has been followed.

3. Other Fees

3.1 All Teams will be required to pay a weekly game fee (WGF). This covers the cost of hire, referee fees, equipment and a service fee to the Organisers.

3.2 This weekly game (WGF) fee is payable in advance of every game throughout the whole season.

3.3 Teams can pay the WGF in cash or using a credit or debit card in advance of kick off.

3.4 If a Team is unable to pay the full amount for any reason, the Organisers will follow the ‘No Pay’ procedure and any outstanding amount will be deducted from the Team deposit.

3.5 In the event of a ‘No Pay’ procedure, the Team in question will have all goals scored deducted and the match result will be awarded to their opponents

3.6 Failure to pay fees shall be deemed a breach of Terms and Conditions and competition rules and the organisers reserve the right to remove the Team in question from the league or competition

3.7 The Team captain is responsible for all payments and therefore any arrears that the Team may find themselves in. If a Team leaves the league with arrears greater than the Team deposit, then the Team will be liable to pay the difference. Any outstanding monies owed can be charged to the Team captain by the Organisers.

3.8 The Organisers reserve the right to withhold any prizes for a Team in arrears.

4. Confirmation of Availability

4.1 Teams must confirm their availability before 8pm the night before their fixture.

4.2 They can do this by emailing, calling or texting the league’s designated Facility Manager

4.3 If Teams do not confirm their availability by 12pm, then the absence without confirmation policy will be followed and the points for the game shall be awarded to the opposition

5. Absence policy

5.1 If a Team is going to be absent from a fixture, then the Absence Procedure must be followed by emailing, phoning or texting the league’s designated Facility Manager by 12pm on the day of their fixture.

5.2 If a Team is going to be absent from a fixture then the Team still agrees to pay their WGF and the points for the game will be awarded to the absent Team’s opponents.

5.3 If a team does not follow the correct procedure, then the Absence Without Confirmation policy will be followed and the Team still agrees to pay the WGF plus an additional fine of £20 and risks being removed from the league.

5.4 If a Teams opposition has reported an absence, then the league will notify that Team and will endeavour to organise a friendly. Friendly matches will be charged at the reduced rate of 50% of the usual WGF.

6. Withdrawal Procedure

6.1 Teams agree that they can only leave the league at the end of each season.

6.2 To withdraw from the league, Teams must follow the correct procedure and provide the Organisers with at least 2 weeks’ notice. Teams must then ensure they attend each fixture until the end of any given season

6.3 To withdraw from the league, Teams must follow the correct procedure by informing the Leagues Facility Manager by email, phone or text.

6.4 If the correct Withdrawal Procedure is not followed, then Teams agree that they shall forfeit their Team deposit.

6.5 If the correct Withdrawal Procedure is followed, then the Team deposit will be will be returned via bank transfer to the Team captain

6.6 Any Team that leaves with outstanding monies owed that amounts to more than the Team deposit, agrees that they will make the payment to the Organisers either in cash or by credit or debit card within 30 days of the Teams final fixture. In the event that a Team fails to make this payment within the given time frame, the outstanding amount will be collected by the Organisers or an appointed agency. The registered Team captain will be solely responsible for all monies owed on behalf of their Team.

6.7 The Team Captain agrees that any outstanding fees owed after 30 days can be collected from the credit card details that are held on file from any previous transactions.

7. Bad Behaviour

7.1 All Teams agree to abide by the rules as set out in the League Rules and ‘Playing Rules’.

7.2 Teams that do not follow these rules and or are removed for ‘bad behaviour’ or disciplinary reasons will forfeit their deposit.

7.3 Individual players that do not follow the League Rules and Playing Rules will risk being banned from the venue.

8. Health and Safety

8.1 All participants understand that these events are contact sports and contain an element of risk to the person participating

8.2 The organisers take care when selecting venues to ensure that they are suitable and safe and officials are competent and qualified. Participants agree that games are played on premises that are not owned by the Organisers nor do the Organisers have exclusive occupation of premises used for fixtures. Participants also understand that the Organisers have little to no control in respect of persons admitted to premises, adjacent sports pitches and surrounding perimeters. The Organisers have little control as to how premises are used and left before and after the league.

8.3 Team captains are responsible for ensuring that they are satisfied with the facility before game starts. Team captains must review the surface and all other conditions before games commence and only allow their Team to participate when they are satisfied that the premise is safe and suitable for the activity in question.

8.4 Participants must also ensure that they are satisfied with the facility before games start. Participants must report any perceived dangers, violence, threats or any other misconducts to the organisers at the earliest opportunity.

9. Liability

9.1 The organisers will ensure that it can provide a reasonably skilled service with a reasonable standard of care.

9.2 The Organisers accept no liability for any injury caused during any game or competition on or around the hired premises

10. Other

10.1 The Organisers may subcontract any of its obligations to any persons without notice. Where obligation is subcontracted, the organisers shall not be responsible for every act or omission of the given sub-contractor

10.2 The Organisers accept no liability for any loss or damage of any items held on the premises before, during or after the competition.

10.3 This contract shall be governed by English Law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.

11. Filming

11.1 5s Football reserves the right to not display some or all content of a particular football match when published on their website or YouTube channel.

11.2 Footage cannot be used to appeal a misconduct decision that was made during a game.

11.3 5s Football are the owners of the footage and is not obligated to provide copies to its players, teams or any other 3rd parties.

11.4 Team Captains confirm that they and their players agree to be recorded and for footage to be displayed in 5s Football’s marketing materials.