League Info

  • Manor Road
  • 5-a-side
  • Cash Prizes
  • Matches Recorded

The latest 5s league to launch. Working closely with the Sussex County Football Association, we’re excited to be able to offer regular 5-a-side football to all women across the county.

With Women’s football growing in popularity, we want to be able to accommodate as many teams and individuals as possible and continue to grow and improve awareness.

30 minute matches will be played across two 5-a-side pitches every Thursday evening between 7.30-9pm. We’ll record every match at no extra cost and also offer a cash prize to the winners of the top division every season. We’ll use the best refs and ensure that a league manager is present at every session to provide an organised and enjoyable experience. All for £30.

League Info

  • Cash Prizes
  • 5-a-side
  • Manor Road
  • Matches Recorded

Manor Road

Manor Road

Brighton, BN2 5EA, United Kingdom


Manor Road Women, Thursday

1Wivvy Allstars3300109
2Benders Like Beckham430199
3Crouch Potatos321047
4Brighton Goals311124
5Goal Diggers4103-63
6The Caesarean’s3102-83
7Hot Women FC4004-110

Manor Road Women, Thursday – 1 – Results – S1

Leave me’arcelona vs Al Shariah FC
Southwick Spartans vs Sevilla Depression
Celta FC vs The Pregnant Smokers
Leave me’arcelona vs Southwick Spartans
Celta FC vs Sevilla Depression
The Pregnant Smokers vs Al Shariah FC
Celta FC vs Leave me’arcelona
Al Shariah FC vs Southwick Spartans
Sevilla Depression vs The Pregnant Smokers
Sevilla Depression vs Al Shariah FC
Southwick Spartans vs Celta FC
The Pregnant Smokers vs Leave me’arcelona
Al Shariah FC vs Celta FC
Sevilla Depression vs Leave me’arcelona
Southwick Spartans vs The Pregnant Smokers
Al Shariah FC vs Leave me’arcelona
Sevilla Depression vs Southwick Spartans
The Pregnant Smokers vs Celta FC
Leave me’arcelona vs Celta FC
The Pregnant Smokers vs Sevilla Depression
Southwick Spartans vs Al Shariah FC