The Team Captain
The Team Captain is the primary contact for the Team and all players involved. By allowing a player to take part in a Team’s match, The Team Captain is confirming that that player is aware of the league rules and will abide by them.

1. Joining

1.1 When a Team joins a 5s Football league, they are agreeing to participate for a minimum term of one season.
1.2 Teams will automatically be enrolled into the next season, unless sufficient notice is given to the Organisers by the Team captain.

2. Registration and eligibility

2.1 Team Captains will be required to submit a Sign-Up Form online prior to their first match.

2.2 All Players must also submit their required details through an online Sign-On form. The link to this form will be provided to the Team Captain, and it is the Team Captain’s responsibility to ensure that all players and future players complete this form.
2.3 Teams of a mixed gender are not allowed.
2.4 Players must be over the age of 16 and can only be registered for one club in each competition.
2.6 If a player wishes to join another Team, they must first resign from their current Team to avoid being registered for both. The player must register for their new club by following one of the above procedures.
2.7 Occasionally, one player is allowed to play for another team on the proviso that it is infrequent, only when that team is short on players, and that both team Captains agree to this.
2.8 We may contact you by phone, text or via email to let you know information about your match.

3. Payments
3.1 The Weekly Game Fee (WGF) will differ depending on the league and venue. The WGF is payable prior to a match commencing.
3.2 The WGF can be paid via bank transfer. Bank details will be provided to Team Captains.
3.3 If the full WGF is not paid, the Organisers will adopt the ‘No Pay’ Procedure as specified in the Terms and Conditions and the outstanding balance will be added to the Teams account.

3.4 The Team Captain is responsible for any outstanding monies owed to the Organisers. Any outstanding money that is due to the Organisers which is not covered by the Team deposit will need to be paid within 14 days of withdrawing from the league.
3.5 Any balance outstanding that it is not paid within 14 days may be transferred to an appointed agency and will incur interest of an additional 40% to cover the cost of the work involved in settling the balance.
3.6 The Organisers will use a proportion of the WGF to cover the cost of the appointed match official. The Teams WGF will be paid to the Organisers and the Organisers will pay the official.

4. Team Deposit
4.1 Teams will be asked to pay a refundable deposit in order to confirm their position in the league. This will be held on the Teams account and will be returned if the Team follows the correct withdrawal procedure (as detailed in the Terms and Conditions)
and all match fees are paid.
4.2 Once the deposit has been paid, a member of the 5s Football team will be in contact with you to let you know your next steps.
4.3 Fees may be deducted from the Team deposit if money is owed.

5. Insurance
5.1 All participants are advised that 5s Football is unable to provide personal injury insurance. It is advised that insurance is purchased elsewhere and 5s Football can recommend a 3rd party to do this on request.
5.2 5s Football will not be liable for any injury obtained from competing in the competition, nor will they be liable for the loss of property from in or around the location that a competition takes place.

6. Withdrawal
6.1 A Team can only leave at the end of a published season.
6.2 To withdraw from the league, Teams must follow the Withdrawal Procedure as defined in the Terms and Conditions.
6.3 Any Team that does not follow the correct Withdrawal Process will forfeit their Team deposit and face additional charges to cover the loss of revenue incurred by the league.

6.4 If a Team is removed from the league for disciplinary reasons, the Team will still be liable to pay their match fee for the length of the notice period (2 weeks). The deposit is also strictly non- refundable.

6.5 If the correct Withdrawal Procedure is followed, then the Team deposit will be returned to the Team captain by bank transfer (minus any outstanding monies owed).

7. League Structure
7.1 The league format will differ slightly depending on the venue and day, however will generally be played on a league basis which may be split into more than one division made up of several teams.
7.2 Some leagues may have a knockout style tournament at the end of the season to determine the overall league winner and therefore determine who to award a prize to.
7.3 All matches will be played on the same day every week between the same hours every week. Teams shall play each other once or twice over the course of
a given season.
7.4 Teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss.
7.5 All 5s Football venues are non-smoking.

8. Promotion and Relegation
8.1 At the end of a published season, one, two or three of the highest ranked teams from any division except the top will be promoted to the above league.
8.2 Rankings will be determined by points first, then in the event of a draw, goal difference, then goals scored in that order. In the event of a tie, it will go down to the result of the previous match played between the two teams.
8.2 Rankings will be determined by points first, then in the event of a draw, goal difference, then goals scored in that order. In the event of a tie, it will go down to the result of the previous match played between the two teams.
8.3 At the end of a published season, one, two or three of the lowest ranked teams from any division except the bottom will be relegated to the below league.
8.4 5s Football reserves the right to amend the League structure at the beginning of the season.

9. Fixtures
9.1 Fixtures will be created by 5s Football and published on the 5s Football website.
9.2 Fixtures will be published on the website at least 48 hours before a Teams game is due to start.
9.3 At the end of a published season, new fixtures will be generated taking into account any promotions and relegations. There are no breaks between games and the first league game will commence a week after the last league game of the previous season.
9.4 Fixtures are available on the 5s Football website at

10. Absence Procedure
10.1 Team captains agree to follow the correct Absence Procedure as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.
10.2 If a Team is absent for a fixture, then the Team Captain must contact the Organisers by 12pm on the day of their fixture.
10.3 If the correct process is followed, then the match points will be awarded to the opposition and the Team still agrees to pay their WGF, plus an additional 50%.
10.4 If a Team has no opposition due to absence, the league will endeavour to organise the Team a friendly game. This will be charged at a reduced rate.
10.5 If a Team has no opposition due to absence, then they will automatically be awarded the points provided they are available to play.
10.6 If a Team is more than 5 minutes late or does not have the right amount of players, they will be considered ‘absent’.
10.7 If a Team does not follow the correct Absence Procedure, then the Absence Without Confirmation process will be implemented and the Team in question will be required to pay 2 x their WGF.
10.8 If the Absent Without Confirmation process is initiated and the Team in question fails to pay the fees, then the outstanding balance will be taken from the Team deposit with the remainder being added to their account.

11. Abandoned Games
11.1 Game points will be awarded to the opposing team if a game is abandoned through the fault of one of the Teams.
11.2 Up to 3 points may be deducted from a Team that is responsible for a game being abandoned. The amount of points deducted will depend on severity, and the severity will be determined by the referee and the Facility Manager.
11.3 If the game is abandoned due to reasons other than conduct that are out of the Organisers hand, either the game will be replayed at another time, or both teams will be awarded a point or the score at the time of the abandonment will be final.
11.4 If a game is abandoned through the fault of one of the teams, then that team will be required to pay 2 x their weekly game to cover the fee of their opponents.

12. Number of Players
12.1 A maximum of 3 substitutes will be allowed for each team.
12.2 The maximum number of players allowed in a squad will be 3 players more than is required to fulfil each game. E.g. for 5-a-side, the maximum number of players allowed will be 8.

13. Awards
13.1 Where there is a cash prize stated for a league, the award will be given to the Team that ranks highest in the top league. The cash prize amount will be displayed on the 5s Football website on the league page.
13.2 Medals and Trophies will be awarded to winning teams of leagues that do not offer cash prizes.

14. Disciplinary
14.1 5s Football operates under strict guidelines when it comes to discipline and misconduct.
14.2 If a Team is deemed by 5s Football to have brought the competition into disrepute, then 5s Football reserves the right to report the player and or Team to the county’s  sanctioning association for disciplinary action.
14.3 5s Football reserves the right to prohibit any player or Team from taking part in any of 5s Football competitions either temporarily or permanently for misconduct reasons.
14.4 During the game, the referee may award either a warning, blue or red card for misconduct. The punishment given will depend on the level of severity of the misconduct which is determined by the referee.
14.5 If a blue card is awarded then the player will be temporarily suspended from play, during which time the player must stay off the field of play.
14.6 Once the suspension is over, the referee will inform the player that they can return to the field and continue play.
14.7 The period of suspension will differ depending on the league.
14.8 If 2 blue cards are awarded in the same game, the player will not take any further part in the game.
14.9 If a red card is shown during a game, the player will not take any further part in the game and will be suspended for a minimum of one game.
14.10 If a red card is shown, the length of suspension will depend on the severity of the conduct.
14.11 Any suspension made by 5s Football will affect all 5s Football competitions.
14.14 Fines may be imposed by the league as a result of misconduct.

15. Filming
11.1 5s Football reserves the right to withhold some or all of their video content if they deem the content to be inflammatory, contain scenes of injury, bad behaviour or any incidents that require further investigation by the organisers.
11.2 Content cannot be used to appeal a misconduct decision.
11.3 5s Football are the owners of their content and are not obligated to provide copies to its players, teams or any other 3rd parties.
11.4 Team Captains confirm that they and their players agree to be recorded and for content to be displayed in 5s Football’s marketing materials and on their marketing channels.

16. Appealing
16.1 Appeals against a decision made by 5s Football must be made to the league within 72 hours of the decision being communicated.
16.2 5s football will review all supporting information and endeavour to respond to the appeal within 72 hours.

17 Sanction and Affiliation
17.1 The competition shall NOT be governed by the FA and or relevant County FA
17.2 Matches will however be played in accordance with the laws of the game as defined by the FA and set out within these rules alongside them.
17.3 The Organisers may amend the rules at any time giving seven days’ notice via email or letter to the Team captain.
17.4 The league will endeavour to use FA qualified referees for it’s competitions
17.5 Where a qualified referee is not available for a specific match, there may be occasions where a person who is not a referee (as recognised by the FA) will carry out the duties of a Match Official.